What is Art in Japan?

What is Art in Japan?
2017年9月6日 BlueboardArt

When you think of art in Japan, what do you think of? Do you think of modern art such as the immensely popular and commercial Manga? Do you have a more traditional vision of ancient characters with the beautiful brush strokes of ink on handmade paper? Art is many things to many people and that makes it so wonderful and an expression of freedom, and as we like to say at BlueboardArt, a place to begin a dialogue, a topic to enjoy a conversation and share ideas and thoughts. Art communication.

I have always gravitated to the colors and skill of the woodblock print, the Ukiyoe, a genre of Japanese art that was very popular from the 17th through 19th centuries. As much a means of communication as it was an art. I could explain more but I will leave that to Wikipedia who has done such an amazing job.

So I am excited to introduce a wonderful piece by the BBC titled “The Art of Japan”. This article, although published in 2012, covers so many types of wonderful art that you can enjoy from this amazing country Japan. Calligraphy, Weaving, Manga, Pottery, Woodblock, and Ikebana are all touched on with suggestions of how to further follow up on them. I highly recommend that you read this article as an introduction to see the scope of what is on show with art in Japan, where in essence, everything revolves around art.

BBC Travel. The Art of Japan